Brief biography of Paula Williams

Paula Williams was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. W.E Julien of the reputed firm of W.E Julien & Co. and Mrs. Carmen Julien of Observatory Road, St. George’s; she received her secondary education at the Anglican Schools in both St. George’s and Port-of-Spain before attending Acadia University in Nova Scotia Canada.
After living and working for many years in Trinidad, she retired to Grenada from a senior administrative position at the U.W.I St. Augustine Campus bringing with her valuable skills and experiences, not to mention her managerial position at the La Source Hotel, which further sharpened her administrative capacity and greatly benefited the operations of the Willie Redhead Foundation.
Soon after the launching of the Foundation in 1994, the Foundation was fortunate to have made contact with Paula sometime in 1995 when the objectives of the Foundation were readily appreciated and Paula volunteered to become the Foundation’s First Secretary.
Her administrative skills and experience served the Foundation in good stead- especially in its early formative years, and it is upon this foundation which tWRF has built over the years to have become the foremost NGO within the heritage group of Concerned Grenadians, who are able to discern the benefits that could be derived from the protection, preservation and where possible the enhancement of our natural and cultural heritage.
During her stint with the Foundation up to her retirement in 2002, Paula was involved and played a constructive role in the following projects:
CHURCH STREET STEPS – This project undertaken in 1997 was sponsored by donations from the
business houses in the vicinity of the steps which included repairs to the steps and rails and a small cobbled portion of Gore Street at the bottom on the steps.

SIMMONS ALLEY – This project undertaken in 1999 was sponsored by the Government of
France and included the repairs and restoration of the cobbled alley
with technical assistance from a Martiniquan company. It is included
as one of the historical points of interest in the Walking Tours of St.
WALKWAY – This project undertaken between 1999 – 2000 was sponsored by Messrs
Bryden & Minors. The sea surge of 1999 rendered the steps almost
impassable and Bryden & Minors took-up the challenge, and under the
direction and management of the Foundation restored one of our most
important pedestrian link (short cut) between Bruce Street and the
General Hospital.

in the Town of St. George. – This project undertaken between 1999 – 2000 was sponsored by the
Government of France. Although the project is only about 80%
complete, the information gathered has served many organizations in
good stead eg. Agency for Reconstruction and Development (ARD),
National Trust, and the Natural and Cultural Heritage Advisory
Committee of the Physical Planning Authority.
CONFERENCE – Grenada had the distinction of hosting the conference in 1999 as a
significant regional event, marking the end of the 20th Century. The
conference was held under the aspecies of the Willie Redhead
Foundation with Mr. Leslie Pierre the conference Chairman.

AWARD CEREMONY – The First Patrimonial Award Ceremony held in 2002 was the last
major event participated by Paula. This event saw the recognition by
tWRF of those individuals and institutions who contributed
significantly to the preservation and enhancement of our cultural and
built heritage.

In all of the above Paula’s role as Executive Secretary met the challenges presented by those projects, in seeing them to a successful completion. Paula departed this world on October 2007 after a long illness. May her soul rest in peace.

Paula at the podium at the 2002 Patrimonial Award Ceremony.