The objectives of the Willie Redhead Foundation are as follows:

  • To encourage the preservation of the Town of St. George’s as a Caribbean historic town-site having regard to the layout of its streets and its architecturally interesting ancient buildings
  • To raise funds from the public and from institutions, both within the state and elsewhere, for use by the Foundation in furthering its objectives
  • To sponsor programmes to provide funds for scientific investigations into the cause of accelerated deterioration of its ancient buildings or in any other wise adversely affect efforts to preserve architectural integrity of the town, while providing for a level of urban renewal which is not inconsistent with the objectives of the Foundation
  • To provide funds for public education on matters in the furtherance of the objectives of the Foundation
  • To print and publish any newspapers, periodicals, books, posters or leaflets that the Foundation may think desirable for the promotion of its objectives
  • To accept any gift of property whether subject to any special trust or not, for any one or more of the objectives of the Foundation

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